Cupcake Bouquet

Cupcake Bouquet

UAE Cake & Deserts Designer. Licensed by Dubai Economy Department مرخص من دائرة التنمية الاقتصادية - دبي للطلب يرجى التواصل على الواتساب 0506999022



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Try out our latest addition :
Choco Bars  
Dark chocolate hibiscus with salted pecans, for sophisticated taste buds 
Milk chocolate roasted almonds with blueberries & milk chocolate pistachio raspberry for the avid chocolate lovers
and finally white chocolate with strawberry for all the romantics out there
جوكلت قناش بنكهة الايرل جراي
أكثر منتجاتنا مبيعا 
Earl grey chocolate ganache
Our best seller
قطع القناش اللذيدة مصنوعه بأفضل انواع الشوكلاته البلجيكيه مع نكهة الأيرل غراي العطرية
بيستاشيو كرانكل
ميني بايتس بالمكسرات
روز بيتي فور
ايرل قراي جوكلت قناش 
تتوفر بحجمين
حجم كبير وحجم صغير
Things you should know about our Chocolates 
1. We only use Callebaut Belgian Chocolate
2. We make rich Earl Grey infusions, NEVER use artificial flavors
3. Lastly, each bar is made with love
More things you should know about our Earl Grey Chocolate Ganache 
1. We use chilled delivery for our products to make sure that they are perfect and fresh when you receive them
2. Our Ganache lasts up to one week refrigerated
3. With each box you’ll find  mini sticks to enjoy our ganache  anywhere & anytime
مساء الخير
Yuminess in a bag
Try our itty bitty pecan tarts 
A real bite sized treat
تارت الجوز
Mini Pecan Tarts.. because sometimes it’s too delicious to go itty bitty ‍♀️
بسكوت المكسرات
بساكيت العيد
بسكوت البستاشيو
Chocolate Bark Box
2 KG of our signiture 4 flavors 

بوكس الجوكلت بارك 
مكس ٢ كيلو من انواعنا ال٤
Chocolate Bar Box  8 bars of our signiture 4 flavors 

بوكس الجوكلت بار ٨ قطع من انواعنا ال٤
Cornflakes Brownies
Cornflakes Brownies 
You can enjoy these babies once they are in room temperature, but make sure to store them in the fridge if you want them to stay fresh

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